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ARTS IN BUNKACHO はじまりました!(3/13)




English Ver.
The Arts in Cultural Agency has started since 3/9!

The public space of the Agency for Cultural Affairs will display works of students and graduates from the National Art University and music concerts will be held.

This time, I passed the Associates blog ram of the consortium of the National University of Arts and Sciences, and I was supposed to help with the inspection of Kesennuma and the exhibition at Agency for Cultural Affairs. It was a great honor for me to carry in and produce pamphlets, design flyers and even players who beat the gongs at the opening ceremony.

Creating a flyer and a poster with the cooperation of Manga Designer’s Lab. Design original picture is what I drew! I thought about a visual that squeaked the image of the explosion to the utmost. Designer Labs worked with zero stress with footwork being extremely light. The concept is that Minister Miyata will destroy the old Agency for Cultural Affairs, and young artists from inside will jump out not only from all over Japan, but also to the end of the world to Itte Q.

Artists who jumped out from here will look for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, even beyond 2020 beyond, and develop programs that can solve social problems with the power of cultural arts! I put a strong feeling.

Kasumigaseki who first went for a flier design and other arrangements was really a high-level bureaucratic town, perhaps because he was also a member of the parallel world at the Treasury Department or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Economy, I went out and went out from the A13 gateway (near the Treasury Department) to the ground, nervously, while watching. However, getting off at Kasumigaseki, which had been bad after a while, gradually became accustomed, rather I was the one who fell into the same thinking form w as the bureaucracy that I’m moving Japan LOL

Working as a ministries office around here was blessed with a squares close to the park called Kasumigaseki Garden, day and night were very messy. Indeed it was thought that the bureaucratic town, lunch and dinner would be high indeed, and I thought that it was cheaper than an ordinary dining hall and a tavern, I shyly shaved off my shit.

Because it is too cheap, I regretted something, I decided to go to the cafeteria for bureaucrats everyday, eat delicious lunch, by bureaucracy, bureaucracy every day.

First day of delivery: Salt-grilled pig spaghetti ~

Day 2: Three color curry

Third day: Mix flock

Fourth day: I ask Mr. Mr. morning something very good (Carbohydrate, I do not wanna w)

Image of bureaucrats

And the negative image to the bureaucrats misunderstood about the Japanese tea room was dispelled deeply. Of course there will be bad bureaucrats. But on the other hand, knowing through the skin that there are bureaucrats shedding sincere sweat and tears also led to great improvement in media literacy. It was okay for any organization to have a heretic and to learn that most bureaucrats are working until 3 in the morning. If that western university Ⅰ NAME chan ‘s early members witnessed the enormous amount of work that will take until 3 AM, well, even though we have a good welfare program, I think that it can not be helped If you do not mind. Well, well, well, I can use the dining here generally without having to work for ministries, so I think if you work in the neighbor you should go there.

Brought in was also very difficult! Yusaku who received the recommendation of the art university from all over the country was sent to the Agency for Cultural Affairs at once.

A state of decorating the exhibition on the second floor. Work was proceeded with the latest attention paid.

There was no merchant in the cities of bureaucrats, it was not magazine w The exhibition gathered by independent thinkers comparable to Public Security Section 9 is fast and accurate!

Prior to the exhibition there was training and received the lecture from Mr. Horiguchi of Agency for Cultural Affairs of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. It was a moment when I was ashamed of ignoring my ignorance that it was a hot person as a bureaucrat who was told a hot feeling about Japanese culture. It was one of the associates’ greatest harvest that I knew that there were officials of such a nervous feeling.

I gave Mr. Miyata a poster of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. The picture was taken by me at the university six years ago.

Many politician teachers and celebrities gathered at the reception.

The atmosphere of the entrance, which was a stormy view, has changed drastically. The Agency for Cultural Affairs, which had been giving a cold impression, was quickly felt as friendly. Just because there is a work of art, the difference also comes out. I again gave a glimpse of the potential of cultural arts. There is no doubt that the inside of the Agency for Cultural Affairs has become gorgeous. I think that it is wonderful for other ministries and agencies to continue these attempts. If you want to change Japan, firstly start with 隗, I took it seriously that it is being practiced exactly.

Glance, and one place.

President Sawa and Professor Mitamura. How! Mr. Mitamura praised this face for me. It seems that haikus are being seen, and I was a little embarrassed w

I was taking a two-shot with Professor Miyata after a long absence!

I will come out as the tension rises.

It was hard to get used to that the 5th floor of the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the 3rd floor of MEXT were the same.

Good night Agency for Cultural Affairs!

One more flower bloomed in this country.


「Arts in Bunkacho~トキメキが、爆発だ~」















































Culture You!あ~、世界ってほんと美(たの)しい










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