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It’s been a while since I became 32 years old.

1/5 has passed already in my life. Time passes quickly. Who thought that Mr. Otobe was married after singing that Takashi Fujii shouted out something that he wanted to do, and he would appear as a couple in the last run away. Time passes quickly. Then people die and live.

Burnout syndrome of the transcendental busy activity in March and April finally came down. Finally it is feeling that the environment that can concentrate on the creative activities of the core business has been in place.

The thirty – second – year – old birthday I was happy with “Futu” is that I received words of congratulations from over 100 people. Usually I share a very strange movie, erotic article, sometimes safe “anti” social video at the extremes of time, so I think that the number of friends will be steadily decreasing, but still, Well, through yourself, for the sake of freedom, no, it is not appropriate, I will do my speech activity for my own freedom, for my own sake, for my own culture I decided, I was using FB. Although it is natural to be blocked if it is used like that, besides this, the number of friends is increasing and it is laugh, it was an interesting phenomenon.

The world is filled with strange people better than I think. I only have news on the outlook, but I think that a good future that everyone can be strange can be very optimistic is waiting. The emergence of the net makes sense of values ​​and body sensation change medically and it is serious and everyday is fun w

Perhaps there are a lot of free people around him in the first place. Because I am supernormal, I think that I will live relaxedly, leisurely, with relaxing people, relaxingly and extraordinarily. Recently I have come to think that my biggest art is having the home as usual and recently I think that being the biggest art that I can do is living like relaxing like Kumon Famous View “The Night Festival Screen”. While walking to loneliness, we do not do evil, we are somewhat more sought, and we will work as an artist’s goal of living with a small family. I think that academism acknowledges that it is art if it is clean, correct, beautifully living. Since there is that exhibition, I will attach attached notice as well, so please come and join us! (^ – ^) /

If you look around, it may be left as if you are stopped high, you may be supposed to be licking the world, but I think it is fine. Because it is me w Knowing you yourself in accordance with the oracle of Delphi, persisting through Shakespeare, faithful to himself, every day, Oh, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is ! O brave new world, That has such people in ‘t! I feel like I can afford Soseki’s affordability and I will penetrate as it is. As Soseki will give a lecture and literature will be a lifetime practice, the whole human act of living will also be strange as a lifetime practice. Okamoto Taro, my occupation, human beings, now, I am realizing that I am in a very happy position at the age of 32 when I am about to become such a value. Since I was withdrawn from the job-fighting line, I was a six-year warrior, so I did not even have that fight line and the employment war ended, so I guess there is no other choice but to make a job by myself w, I will walk along the path of hell. I will live with Frei aber Froh instead of Arbeit macht frei wLasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate, I can understand from a long time ago. Tokyo story.

Loose and leisurely, like a duck under the water, I will live feet like a hamster like a hamster like a cat, supple, flirtless, occasionally, lovely, cobbie-Bryant. Extracted quotation named Taro, 20 years, 4c44444c4cq3 (← hamster’s Poo-chan hit me), I usually live by sealing quoting but it is fun to quote after all! Is quotation a fox act to borrow the power of the tiger? Or maybe Mr. Komoro is sealed? Knowing thyself, telling the original of the discoverer of truth in his own words, pakuri, enjoying it, fun, seriously pleasantly, seriously, excerpts excerpts Taro throughout life w Radical super-classicist w

Even though it got longer, everyone who congratulated you, those who did not give up, dead or living, all living, blessed to everyone involved in me. I am rich. It is really rich. Happy in everyone’s life. All lights have light. Love and blessings, harmony and rebirth, like Jean Christophe of Romain Lorrain, will visit everyone’s life. Both must live! Let’s live!

Home safety is the desire of the world. Pray hands. Buddha’s Ranan Gatcher – Mi ~ ♬

Everyone, thanks!

Thanks to you I became 32 years old, Ken chan












周りから見れば、お高く止まったままで、世間を舐めてると思われたままかもしれませんが、それはそれでいいと思ってますw。なぜならそれが俺だからですwデルフォイの神託にしたがって汝自身を知り、シェークスピア曰くの、自分自身に忠実であれ、を貫き、毎日を、Oh, wonder!How many goodly creatures are there here!How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,That has such people in ’t!てな感じで、漱石仕込みの余裕派ぶって、このまま貫きます。漱石が講演で文芸が生涯の生業になるように、生きるための全人間的行為もまた生涯の生業となったっておかしくないでしょう。岡本太郎、曰くの職業、人間、今、こうした価値観になろうとしている時代で32歳はとても幸せな位置にいると実感しております。就職戦線から離脱して、というか六浪していたので、その戦線すら立てずに就職戦争は終わってしまったので、もう、自分で仕事を作ってやってくしかないでしょうwま、自業自得に地獄の道を歩みます。 Arbeit macht freiではなく、Frei aber Frohで生きますwLasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate、んなこと、とっくの昔からわかってまさぁ。東京物語。











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