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At Ueno station “Ah Ueno station !” is exhibited!

I am exhibiting on Ueno station central ticket gate ! ! ! When you are nearest please take a look at it in good my work!

The concept is “Ueno”

Ueno I was longing since I was a Ronin! From the time of a ronin all the time I passed the university, Ueno was reflected in my eyes all the time like this! ! ! And it still does not change!

Taste of the Ueno shopping district regardless of the summer festival, lotus’ Shinobazu pond, spring, summer autumn and winter, cherry blossoms in spring, flowers like the year after year. Years Year Year Person same as. Memories of those visiting Ueno will surely be such a gorgeous and colorful memory like yourself and will function as a treasure of a lifetime life. It is greatly appreciated if the place to change from “Ao Ueno station” of Izawa Hachiro will change, we will be able to present the new Ueno statue as the Ueno station for international culture, art Ueno!

I was shaken by a crowded train, I was called coarse garbage in Niigata, and I miss long ago when I went to Tokyo. A little can be used second hand goods Was it possible to become coarse garbage?

Everyone is different, rich and homeless. And, humans do not depend on despotism, despair, and do notch. And Ueno makes it golden even with that evening. Ueno is such a dreamy place. I love myself so much about the diversity of Ueno that drinks such clouds. Recently, homeless people are decreasing, I am somewhat lonely, but I am sorry for the excessive purification strategy. We are crowded with skateboards and otaku in the evenings before the fountain, but there are times when it is noisy and disturbing for those who want to relax, but I pray that the usage that can be co-existed with each other’s spirit is realized with mutual spirit We are.

Everyone is the leading character in the town called Ueno. There are golden pandas and cockroaches. But, none of that is an indispensable presence in Ueno. The past, the present and the future of Ueno’s ecosystem were included in the work.

A little love commentary:
There was a reason for the wrapping cloth to be like a time machine of Doraemon. Your style is composed of “look”, so please enjoy it as a kettle water. Please read and unravel the message you’ve put in! ! !

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Title of work: Ao Ueno station!
Regarding the exhibition titled “Daiko Daishi, Unrequited Medium”:
For a long time in the Ronin six years, I was thinking of an art girl. Spring rainy season, Ueno no Mori, looked up passed on a bulletin board, a truly love. Art can be done in the town Ueno which I longed for! Ueno is the station of my heart! Mr. Saigo! Panda! Art museum! UENO million years!

Ueno Station Break Station Gallery
〒 110 – 0005
Ueno 7 Taito-ku, Tokyo Ueno Station Front doorway Galleria 2F
From JR Ueno Station Front Exit

# Ueno Station Break Station Gallery # Musical Festival





















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東京都台東区上野7 上野駅正面玄関口ガレリア2F






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