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■The man calling for a storm
Ryujin · Arashi illustration commentary
It is beautiful to tackle things in a unrelenting manner. It is easy to get bored, and a selfless person can not say things one thing. Like a jellyfish and a jellyfish, it flows in the trend of the world. However, there are times when I want to take the wave of the times somewhere somewhere and want to become the eye of a storm that moves the world with all leverage.
However, although the feeling of wanting to be the eye of the storm is pure, the warp disappears quickly. Both Youtuber and bitcoiner shy, they do not last long. It’s embarrassing. Raising a radio to Youtube is afraid to make a work by discharging what he thought. However, it is troublesome because it accepts own embarrassment, and when it transcends it, a wonderful work is born.
Many of the artists go straight on our way regardless of what they say to people in confidence. I long for longing for them. All my friends.
In case
Yes, my point of view is always close to the point of view of small citizens who are longing for as long as they can not become artists side by side.
Everything is easy to get bored, there is a moment when you have a feeling to ride … so deadlines.
In case
Small citizens are strong when the deadline approaches. Anyway finish it. And there is one who is not satisfied if it is just finishing up. Because I have aesthetically praised extremely in the Ronin era, I think that it is small citizen by small citizen. I want to increase perfection from doing. It’s as hard as throwing outside and showing embarrassing things, nothing embarrassing. Nature that never makes excuses, so let’s tell everything in the work. Critic himself knows painfully that words do not catch up with the speed of the work. So, I became a creator. If I play baseball I want to be Ichiro rather than going out in the outfield. Even though I can not become Ichiro, I want to shake the bat at the baseball stadium.
In case
In such a period, sometimes there are times when you want to paint a zen picture quietly. Magma that had accumulated will be written up at a stroke as if spitting out. I can not win yet on delicate lines released by friends of Japanese paintings. Or, I feel like I can not win. There is a huge amount of training time that has been cultivated since the Ronin era. They also invested their resources on their own, as I spent huge life time on Iwanami Bunko and Hollywood movies. It is a very difficult technique to recover from that point. But I have something that I can win. Yes, it is momentum. And I am fortunate that I was drawing manga and I can see the line. And knowledge.
■ Knowledge × momentary line
These two animals influenced this work. I sleep as if I drew infinity. Expansion of bit coin, 1 BTC = 0.8 billion yen, infinity, ∞. Perhaps he was going on ahead of the previous episode of “Sarcophagus”, but the motif thought this was interesting.
And, by chance, in chatting with the inhabitant living next to the atelier, I learned of the existence of Izu Chorihachi. Irie Changchuan was a masterpiece (an official craftman), a craftsman who was active in the late Edo period and the Meiji era. It is a craftworker specializing in plastered work such as sea cucumber wall and iron painting. In his work there is a work that depicts infinity and a dragon. This time I tried to fuse that imitation (knowledge) with my momentous line. I wanted to draw purely.
This magma overlapped with deadline. I heard that story from him during the party of the drinking party, but if I noticed, I was standing with my brush on the studio.
There is no memory from there. When I came back to myself, was it just before noon? There was a dragon there when I saw it. Hiding this work was born now.
Call the art market. Become a dragon that produces huge wealth. In case












■知識 × 勢いのある線








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