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The game is the best!

Recently as a game researcher Mr. Matsunaga who is leading game research is studying games jointly.

I regularly do research endlessly from evening to evening, once more, once more. It is a shame that ending with defeat is a regret, so if one loses, I will repeat the same game again, so the study will not end at all.

Yesterday I was playing my old payment game from around 5 o’clock in the evening to around 8 o’clock.

Yes, we are now sending a second grade junior high school student everyday. Every day is a lot of fun. I truly enjoy something comparable to the pleasure of that era in which ancient Socratic, Plato, and Aristresses were alive. With sweets and tea, if you have coffee, heaven! It is a fun space finish than the court of Heli Gabbalus.

Games subject to research are Family Tennis, Street Fighter, Mario Kart (Battle Mode), Bomberman, Puyo Puyo (Puyo Puyo Puyo Puyo Puyo Puyo Puyo Puyo Puyo has too much ability to do so much). It is because it is still aesthetically superior to many retro games. Each game balance setting is wonderful and well thought out. Initially, God gay, it makes me feel the overwhelming aesthetic value of classical ancient Greek sculpture.

I like classics, whether they are from high art researchers. Works that survive the selection of time are worth it alone. From one action in the game, you can see traces of thorough pursuit of pleasant logic. Semir · Zeki is describing Shakespeare and Mark · Rosco as neurobiologists. When he sublimates to the form that empathizes with others by thoroughness of his own feelings, he becomes a great artist.

I respect the creators of these works with a whole body. This is undeniably the art genre that comes after the movie genre. NES is classical ancient, Sue Famicom is Renaissance, Preste is compared to Baroque and art history and you can also unravel the history of the game.

I will inform you what I learned from recent game research.

① The real pleasure of the game is the power balance

I found out that the more you are competent with your opponent, the more interesting it is. Family tennis is the most competitive strength right now. Somewhat, myself is superior in ability, but if you give up for a moment and get it right away is a miso, this is very funny. I am a surprise, Mr. Matsunaga uses Pilosikinov. Mr. Matsunaga’s Siberian top spin is quite good. And yesterday I did the first generation, not a street fighter turbo. When it comes to turbo it is because my own shunki skill is bursting. Anyway, I kept wondering what my worth was, and then Mr. Matsunaga ‘s girl woke up, and I won 10 consecutive wins. However, the game is really interesting from here. In order to break Matsunaga Empire, I changed the character from Chunri to Ryu and Ken. I successfully used the wave fist and the strong kick, the medium kick and the weak kick successfully, and finally it succeeded to bring it to the fifty-fifty full. There were several name scenes like interactive exchanges that made it different from turbo, exchanging stiff guards like shogi, serious interaction between experts. Indeed, it goes without saying that it was played with a shouting with Umehara every time.

At the moment when street fighter who had won the victory so far and was not so funny turned into insanely fun content, I realized the real pleasure of the game. The interesting thing is that rivals can mutually acknowledge each other. Just like sports, it is not a jump system, but a deep friendship will bud after the game is over. seriously.

② Battle of the gods

If you go to the world of “Aichi” with just two people, you want to play games with everyone, you can not don tie around (or it seems to cost a lot before it catches up) and come in. lose. I showed just good salted plums and I thought that it would be better to gradually show the world of Ragnarok after successfully putting it in a company. This is a recent lesson.

③ Play is the essence of man

This is honestly not limited to games, but I realized that I was bound by the concept of labor and production. In doing research on games, as a society, I am trying to finish my work on the day and my work to live. Natsume Soseki talks about the rich astronaut of the afternoon ‘s secret medicine in the morning, but I was doing something similar. Well, once you go easily, it will be beer at the end of the work.

Talking about that, switching on the game, Mr. Matsunaga pointed out that it is bound by the concept of productivity, very critical point. As human nature is playful, this research activity is the kind of thing that is so important in my life. I thought that the important thing in life is the productivity and not the idea that it is very wonderful.

As soon as possible, I studied game research loosely and loosely, after having done game research, my head got dizzy, at that time I was pretty good at winning my family tennis with victory and sometimes I got it I played games, played other games, won the game, eventually I was playing games for five hours in a row from around 3 pm to around 8 pm.

What a wasteful day I had spent … when I was from Mr. Matsunaga ‘s mouth, I shudder w Apparently Mr. Matsunaga also seems to be tough to escape from modern values.

Well, I’ve been playing games recently like this. I will let you know as we progress further. Pacha

Postscript: It seems that Mr. Matsunaga ‘s other research has been delayed for 3 months by such collaborative research of the game with myself. Let’s say Mr. Matsunaga spent most of his research time on practice at Family Tennis that causes it, addictive nature of the game lol

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