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I did it this year too!

How are you getting along with your new spring? The weather is not stable at all in Niigata because of sunny, rainy weather and cloudy weather rushy. My hometown is pathetic temper.

Well, immediately today, at the annual Echigo Stars Meeting every year, I set the pledge for achieving last year’s goals and reflection meeting and this year’s goal.

What is Echigo Stars Meeting … What is around thirty boys who have shared their living areas since Kamiyama Elementary School · Kamiyama Junior High School from the New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day, summarizing the year and summarizing the future resolutions seriously. Snack is a Echigo-bakery. Sake is a Hokusetsu – Sake brewery.

We went to The Kon-pou-ji temple that is the soul of us.It is watching us from a young age to adult. It has a bell to knock at the end of the day of the year. This time, it seemed that one member could not enter the temple shrine temple for religious reasons, so it was a start from there without touching it.

○ Echigo’s Association is also the 4th year of this year

Echigo’s Association also celebrated its fourth year, but he has been drunk every year, so I did not remember all of the goals and assessed the goal with some degree of satisfaction in that year, but this year I succeeded in taking a video firmly and leaving each goal.

I do not feel like achieving anything in the first place, it is not a goal anything but a meeting that gets really good stimulation to set a goal for realizing really with a punishment. I can not help defeating this feeling.

△ My goal achievement rate and reflection

Well, I myself did not miss a lot of things, I forgot the goal of last year. It certainly feels like I had set a goal of putting monthly income on the market of 100,000 yen on blogs, Youtube, etc., but in reality the revenue from net relations is about 1,000 yen per month revenue, The royalty was a real story, I felt it was 5000 to 7000 yen per month. Even using rough rounding techniques, since monthly income was 10,000 yen, it was less than 10% of the target achievement rate.

Nonetheless, last year I was able to go out to the strongest media of television to spread to the tea room, and it was a wonderful precious experience that I was able to deliver my idea to the citizens. It also matched that the achievement rate was 30% as sweet as possible.

The past that passed away can not be changed, so the focus is already this year.

□ Target of the year

The goals of this year are the following three. (④, ⑤ is feeling if there is a margin.)

① to flames up

② Publish five books

③ Become judges or participants in Kohaku

④ ‘Start a stock

⑤ ‘Friday will be held at Yeonbaei

Let’s look individually.

① to flames up

We believe that a certain amount of fire-fighting projects are also necessary in order to spread out what we are thinking into society. Society has ears to listen to reasonable flames. Let’s say that the artists who do not burn with modern to contemporary art are not artists. I think that this year, I would like to flame up firmly like the Nichido last year. I would like to create an art work that rocks the world in a catastrophic way that makes it a philosopher to think of recipients.

② Publish five books

I will compile the photographs I have been collecting at once and make a book. We are considering electronic publishing in Amazon in ePub format. Based on haiku / photo album / novel etc, we plan to complete about 1 book by spring break. Recently, “Human artist declaration! “We are showing pretty good sales, so it is up to you to publish other books. “Human artist declaration! “It is quite nice to do it because it was a book I wrote with enough preparedness to write when I write this. Now you can also read it on Amazon for free, so please have a look. I will not regret it. Also, “Human artist declaration! This year we will translate English into English and I would like to extend the market to the world. I am planning to donate to Justin Bieber. This year’s Pico Taro is me!

③ Become judges or participants in Kohaku

I received an indication from the members of the Echigo Association that haiku and Tanka are lap, oh, that way too! And it was scaly from the eyes. Homer and medieval minstrels also sang a high-teaching song and preached. My mission is restoration of culture in Japan, so I’d like to distribute educational seeds to Japan with lyric and lime. Take a rap around Asakusa Temple and give it to Youtube.

④ ‘Start a stock

I want to start stocks. I am interested in the mechanism of the world and the macro movement of money as a social worker. I think that society will not be visible unless I change my mind, so I am thinking of trying to do stocks (by dividing it into tuition fees) with the feeling that I abandoned 1 million yen to the dob.

⑤ ‘Friday will be held at Yeonbaei

I will aim to be fried with models and actresses at Nishiazabu’s playhouse.

Such a vow so will also newly develop leisure time activities from the beginning of the new year. Everyone, thank you again this year.

Ken chan dumpling

Culture You! Oh, the world is really beautiful

Oh! That’s a pretty good article! Those who seemed to be shopping at Amazon ♪

To those who want to remodel my brain like mini 4WD







































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