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The transcendent person activity is having a pinch! What?

I can not afford to live.

Is this the sensation of a person working in a black company? I have worked on sales for the time being, so do you deceive those who wear out the spirit with hearts turned down? Because there is not much psychological punch compared to, it is a still more person, but truly it is hard not to have your own time. No, this is also a strange language. Everything is your own time in the first place.

Recently, I started to use my mind for wording. It is because it is too close to presentation at the aesthetic society. The exhibition at the Arts Festival is also decided and it is impossible to think about only that, also a work presentation + a symposium. It is a challenging task. Gum valuba! Presentation of the aesthetic society, part-time job to live. Everything is doing this for myself, using my own time.

From the viewpoint of the world, it will be blessed. It is because it is being promoted while enjoying the feeling that all of those that distribute resources are for themselves. Because I am doing it with some degree of rewarding, my spirit also holds me. I can not do it unless it’s fun. If this was unworthy, the spirit of my tears will now be worn out by dragonfly dolphin pillars, hunting pilgrims, schoolingers of schooling Paul Pipoip Momongers of squawky Ponto cypress Ponto Po It would have been.

Well, at least this time will be passed as a roller coaster for 2-3 months. Recently, the day passes so fast as light. I wonder why the day as a college department was so long and relaxed. In my free time I enrich my life. One day is over by SNS and e-mail. Probably the majority are escaping to SNS. The wall of information collection and escape is thin and sweet.

I wonder if all the people working in the world will spend this way and finish their lives. I will end this life as unchanged from the enormous absurd imagination. That is also life. After all, we are merely a foam that consciousness occurred during the transition period until artificial intelligence was born.

I am going to enjoy life while enjoying it as a noble phenomenon.

I will write it here as a memorandum. Write yourself as if you are unsuitable for yourself, recent interests etc. Kagiyan ‘s lawyer was everyday to think that he made easy efforts in his writing.

· I recently think that doing work as a coordinator does not suit me properly.

· The meaning of a teacher who told me that he would be busy with time in clerical work got to know a lot.

· I definitely do not want to use the word busy! → If you are busy with spare time activities okay? I should make it Renaissance activity w

· There is no core! A toast to myself

· Myself trying to meet people’s expectations! There!

· If you try to write a paper based on strict wording and argument towards the argument, the brush does not advance at all

· I am really sleeping → It may be dangerous if I get stressed

· Everyday of self-disgust by seeing the serious people of the world, every day overwhelmed by the size of the world, people who are smaller than the Earon Mask and Zuckerberg are overwhelmingly overwhelming, and they live more than small items I’m thinking about meaning.

· Although it is weak by criticism, it will be a little easier if you decide your mind and plan to have fun.

· In the end, if you become troubled, stop throwing it with a round and it makes it a bit easier if you think.

· The courage to be hated is important. I thought that such a book had come out somewhere, I reserved it at the library.

· Focus on priorities and things

· Others who see in authoritarianism also did not see their own essence. That is, that human embraces a complex against what is authoritarian.

· Your essence was “easy”. It is the essence of the present that the withdrawal from human relations is the purpose of life is the present essence of myself, super contradiction of wanting to share with others while releasing art promoting the release from human relations, It is real.

· Relaxed and rich. That is the goal of life. It is impossible to save the world. It is myself to save. That is the goal of life. Graduation from good people who are struggling with others. Everything is for myself. For myself. Start from there.

· I think that I want to go like a cat. Pleasant, sweetest. For that reason self contradiction that you earn money. The aim should be “The masses”. I want to be a public in the masses. I want to be a lowly citizen who appears in Kurosawa movies. Speaking of greed, I want to be a little courageous citizen and a future.

Now, leave your free time and live black.

Soseki will be crying.





























・猫のように行きたいとつくづく思う。媚びず、悠々自適。そのために金を稼ぐという自己矛盾。目指すべきは”The 大衆”。大衆の中の大衆でありたい。黒澤映画に出てくる卑しい小市民でありたい。欲を言えば、ちょっとだけ勇気ある小市民でこれからもありたい。









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