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【Quick News \ (^ o ^ / /】 Japanese Government, Bank Coin All Tance Deposits
September 17, 2017 Comments on daily comments

I started bit coins! ! !

Once the Japanese government has bit-coined all of the Japanese tance deposits, deflationary policies of the government will be in full swing at once. This is exactly what the Japanese government is all about. The sunny country became a sunny country by the two Satoshi (one of which is Pokemon).

I wonder if such a fictitious newspaper will flow soon.

It plummeted at the moment I bought a bit coin. I like myself who can smile and forgive.

Well, there are bit coins in the world.

When you are watching フ ェ イ ス ブ ッ ク, advertisements related to virtual currency are incoming. Bit club · Japan · · ·, COMSA · · ·, etc., I can not understand why it is sinking together. Whether there was a subliminal effect, NHK Closeup Looking at the contemporary “virtual currency bubble” the way of the future money? “, I become a” billion people “and I want to see art as it is I thought, I felt my mind at once. It is a typical behavior of humans.

What is virtual currency …

I looked it up with Wikipedia.

A virtual currency (or so) is a currency that has no guarantee of value by a specific state against a legal currency.

In other words, it is a non-centralized currency that does not have an issuing mother. If it passed through a costume, it probably went to Kim chan ‘s costume award. For surely at the costume prize around next year, a costume wearing a bit coin will come out. In the first place, Japanese as a virtual currency seems to be wrong. The encryption currency is correct, not the virtual currency. It is used in the nuance of this passage in areas other than Japan. Like the art, a great mistranslation may have been done again.

That’s right, let’s become a person.

A person who bought 100 million yen is a person who earned 100 million yen in investment.

Of course, it seems that the origin of the departure is originally from movie “departures” appeared in dragon. It is likely that the feeling of rising air current of investors who earned billion who had become a kind of celestial person who buried the dead firmly buried deeply, to heaven is fundamentally common. I want to become a billion people. It was the moment when my honest feeling moved greatly.

But when it comes to news it is already late. Already the bit coin price is nearly 500,000 yen. It is not a substitute for poor students. However, 1 BTC carves. A bit coin has units and is 1 bit coin, 1 millibin coin, 1 micro bit coin, 1 satosh which is a unit of one hundredth of one BTC. In other words, you can buy bit coins with a small price.

It is not fun not to do Bibi. However, I do not want to end up being taken as a food in the professional world of investment. I remember that 10% was written as “10% for those who continue to invest in the” Introduction to billionaire capabilities for cowards “, but it seems that they lose ridiculously when they interact with a professional ing.

However, it is more important to know that artists are more sensitive to the latest technology, because they do not do it more than Ako doing it, the same fool is dancing if it is the same Aho Anyway, as soon as I decided to try a bit coin Then, it reaches to now.

Have to actually have it …

The state-of-the-art technology that cleared her changed my body. In the definition of the media of Shizuishi Mizukoshi “The 21st century media theory” can not capture the change of my medium. However, it was pretty tough to hold a bit coin …

When I asked Mr. Google, when buying a bit coin, I must buy it at an exchange dealing with bit coins. Exchange? … I do not know about finance or stocks, I make debut on the exchange. Every year, can you participate in the exchange unless you do ritual things ringing that bell of New Year at the TSE? There is no financial knowledge enough to do the delusion of saying.

However, if you do not do it, Mr. Google points out that you can not buy it, so I chose the biggest exchange, Bitflyer (bit flyer). It is the flow of depositing Japanese yen there and buying bit coins there.

Eh! Mama! Make an account on the exchange. By the time we finished filling in essential items such as address, we were asked to confirm the identity card. It is said that it is essential to confirm the identity of the photographer to send photographs of the license as digital data. And you can use the account only after that review. On some exchanges, postcards are issued to their homes, they receive it, enter passcodes, and recently learned that there are exchanges.

I tried remittance from Yucho Bank to put money in an account called Bitflyer. And … I noticed the startling fact.

It takes money to remit.

And it costs a fair amount. This was pretty shocking. I have never remitted money from other bank’s banks to other bank accounts on the Internet. No, I had experiences of transferring money to someone’s account for 30 years in my life, and I did not expect that remittance fee would take so much if I noticed it. Even though I always paid a lot of transfer fee to banks during the Ronin era … I never noticed it. Loneliness Family home life … It is a strange place to paralyze money sense.

But even now, I’m living alone because I live by myself, so I can shine my eyes in units of 10 yen. So why do you need so much money just by transferring money from another bank to another bank? I came up with a question. If you ask, the thing called bit coin is remittable with extremely cheap fee when remitting to a person ‘s account. Well, I thought that bit coins are more convenient. On the contrary, banks do not make much money with such a thing!

The cost of remittance will be 216 yen if it is less than 50,000 yen, 432 yen if it is over 50,000 yen, 1 serving will float. When thinking that the bank has taken away the amount of human rice, how much human beings have taken away from this digital era, I feel admired that the scoop did not bounce off at all, he thought of a delicious system embraced.

Every event involved in remittance was fresh and energy was quite enormous. My head hurts already by registering online banking. If you do something you are not used to, you can quit the brain, whispering about things in the ear. Yes, whispering, it is very important to slurp the voice that my ghost … … as an artist as a state-of-the-art media, so I will remit money to a bit coin exchange while killing the voice It was done.

However, inconvenience is not over yet. If the business hours have passed, we have to wait for the remittance until the opening day of the business day of the next day. Yucho Bank, are you also? Thanks to you I was doing it on Friday evening, so I had to wait until 9 o’clock on Monday of the following week. At this time, when the bit coin came up or dropped, the reason that there is no money to move at hand is that it is very stressful that if “money” bitFlyer has money, it failed despite profitably being profitable I was deeply impressed. It is a situation that you have to avoid having money that you can move anytime at hand.

Therefore, to sell or buy bit coins, it is meaningless without money to move on the exchange anytime. If you think that it can not go down any further, it goes down, it goes up if you think that it will not rise any further. It was nice to hear about it as soon as it was such a market.

Bit coin that the paper written by Satoshi · Nakamoto is at the core of the technology, I do not know at all what is written in the thesis, but only that the system which can not be tampered electronically using P2P was constructed for the time being Let’s remember.

My art media is bitcoin.

Bit coin is scary

Ha, bit coin scary, bit coin scared. Never send a bit coin to myself. Oh, it’s scary. I am scared. Those that do not understand digital or meaning are really scary. In fact, we can never invest in a virtual currency.

bitcoin: 1NNw 6 hq Eo 1 bzss Y 2 GbPVPNohrr LraF 8 vr 7

It is scary, please never enter Waleto here. To those who should have gotten it should not be a thank you … I will send you a reply word tentatively so please comment or something.

Artist who is going with bit coin · Kenta Ichinose








フェイスブックを見ていると、めちゃめちゃ仮想通貨関係の広告が入って来る。ビットクラブ・ジャパンやら、COMSAやら、わけが分からぬままとめどもなく流される。サブリミナル効果があったのか、NHKクローズアップ現代の「“仮想通貨バブル” 未来のお金の行方は?」を見て、自分も”億り人”になって、のんびり気ままにアートをして見たいと思い、一気に気持ちが傾いた。人間の典型的な行動である。










































My art media is bitcoin.















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