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L’Art pour l’art 2.0

ちればこそ いとど桜は めでたけれ 憂き世になにか ひさしかるべき



English Ver.

Arts for Art 2.0

Right now, I am doing art for art. But it is not art for the art in the sense of the 19th century. It’s art for arts 2.0. It is an art of infrastructure improvement for performing arts. In other words, it means the improvement of the environment for continuing artistic activities.

Art for art (L’Art pour l’art for Buddha, Buddha) was a slogan that began to be used in France in the early 19th century. It expresses that the value of art itself is separated from any instructional, moral and practical functions as long as it is a “true” art. Such works are sometimes said to be concepts extended to incorporate “self-purpose” (autoteric Greek ‘autoteles’), ie “introverted” or “spontaneous” of human existence. In Japan it is sometimes called artistic supremacy by taking this as a principle. “Art for Art” (from wikipedia)

Undergraduate thesis (“final definition of art”), “human artist declaration! From now on I think life as a medium for a long time. It is remembrance to the memory that the idea of ​​capturing terrorism as art is greatly surprised at existence in aesthetics. When considering the history that wished to incorporate something that is not art into art, the present remaining art frontier seems to be “crime” and “everyday” at the moment. Recently I read D. A. Danto’s “art world” and “transformation of ordinary things” after a long absence. I eat cheeseburger while dancing strange dance on the roadside. If I declared it as art, people who are walking along the roadside probably should be (sweat), right? On the other hand, even if you declare that this is art, you will not be admitted, killing people as imitating bad guys on the street. And even if you declare that it is art that you are walking normally and doing your usual activities of everyday with art, you may answer that it is sweat, but you may have a strange dance It would be hard for me to admit it as art rather than eating cheeseburger while dancing. The strange thing is art, and soils which are easy to get “already existed historically.

Since the activities of cultivating the forerun art of art and freeing humans are fundamental to their activities, their current media is undoubtedly everyday. I want to rush through the expansion line of art frontier in everyday life. And the art 2.0 for this art is also the status report of this activity.

Even though I hit Ega Ega

Arts for art 2.0 = asset management

In short, the art for art 2.0 is asset management. It is the minimum safety nets that can be done to develop a healthy and cultural creative environment.

Generally speaking, the artist is Binbo. With the influence of the media, the world forces artists to be Binbo. Even society, there may be a social trend that supposing that artists are playing without finding employment, it is a natural reward for being poor. It is great that the episode which was poor until Van Gogh ‘s death went too far alone. Perhaps it is OK to say that almost 95% of the Maestro who has a name in history basically was a seller at the time. Episodes that die after leaving their names later will be after the modern era. There is no history of energy that will convey the names of the Van Gogh in ancient times, medieval times, modern times.

Regional arts that are played with a benchmark of a bonus payment are basically covered by unpaid labor of artists, staff and local volunteers’ rewarding. There is no budget in the first place. It is true that we are turning at the limit situation of the fire car everywhere. Both the side who orders the artist and the institution that decides the budget above it are also arts, so the stance of being on this budget is obscure and obscure. If I was in such a position I would instantly cut down on the arts and education budget. If there is an explanation that it has done so on a customary basis for a certain period of time, riskiness avoidance documents It would be easy to cut the budget in Japan under administrative administration. It is more important for citizens to live on a daily basis than cultural art.

Basically, it is desirable that the arts and culture budget will increase because you belong within the art cluster. More than anything, art enriches the world. Therefore, every artist is precious because it makes people’s hearts peaceful. The significance of doing social social work such as diversity, coexistence, cross-cultural understanding, communication, etc. is recited as a subject, but if it is clearly pointed out, it is to make the world peaceful. To make peaceful is to create a margin in society, it is enjoyable in every way that every million people have its margins. Some feel that they are beautiful, some feel that they are made to think, some even nauseate.

Dancing Maharaja’s set! What? Is it here in Japan?

What is necessary to keep exercising the folly right

The society full of exercisers of folly right is wonderful. I think that I want to live in such a society. Below, keep in mind that it is a story from that point of view and ask the continuation. Even at universities I learn, lots of garbage called Art is made day and night. However, the garbage is a margin of someone’s life and has the potential to be rich. It might be stabbed in a single heart, and it may make such a moment just for a moment, which is touched by the beauty of the world. Human beings, money and money are poured into events that are merely a moment. It does not quite benefit from a cost point of view as well. Therefore every art is precious. Instinct to wash blood with blood Blood at the extreme of the war under economic rationalism, reading Soseki ‘s grass pillow while gradually sipping tea on peacefully peacefully, the essence of art is such a thing in the first place. Therefore, it does not match with the economy in the first place. While there are certainly things that align with the economy exactly, it is also an extremely rare case, and in the shadow there are garbage that brings enormous wealth.

It might be a good idea to target external funds. However, the gate of external funds is extremely narrow. I aim for individual patrons. I have enrolled in Geiju for 8 years but I have never heard of a story about finding a patron. A rich rich man does not put in money that is more important than living thing without having advantage. The external funds are limited, and patron ‘s eyes are severe. There are times when it becomes an obstacle to things that make things that you want to make by yourself. It is extremely rare and fortunate to make something that you want to make as you wish and to be supported. Cloud funding may be good as well. It would be a good idea to collect small pieces of energy like big balls and make them big pieces. Independent individual wishes are strong. Especially it is difficult to earn external funds before becoming a big owner, such as meaninglessness of contemporary art and criticism and satire of political situation. There should be a success story that grabs a small opportunity and progresses gradually to the big stage. People continue to desire the romance of a successful lifetime. Hideyoshi is needed for eternity.

In order to become Hideyoshi, get money from somewhere. Many of them are bytes. That is true for myself. You earn a consideration by selling skills, bytes at the preparatory school, day labor, your own time. In order to produce the work, we need places, material costs, equipment and living expenses. There is no other way than earn that way to earn by yourself. Or I had never thought of only that way. If you get money other than what you earn by your own labor, you will always have a string on your neck. If you care about strings you can not make good works. Every time I see the face color of my owner, the cusp is gone. The sharpness becomes dull. Tongari Corn is also not round corn if the tip is rounded.

Self-guilt if deceived! Even if you win or lose, you are deeply appreciated by the edge. Thankfully. Thankfully. I firmly look at self with the concept.

Bring money by myself

If you really want to make something you want to make, you have to bring money on your own. That’s the answer. That is the art 2.0 for art. Do not depend on people. People who depend on people are weak in their aesthetic sense. There is no human being who can depend on human beings. What is born by bending yourself is not worth. Those who wandered the death line with the accompanying (playing) person is good. However, there are only regrets about easy waiting, waiting for humble heads.

And, our graduates are waiting for ourselves. Even if I go on to graduate school, even if I become an assistant, I will leave the university at the end. In other words, you have to find it by yourselves. Once you enter the university, once you are registered, the atelier, which is the place of creation, is secured. However, once you go outside the university, you become a simple person and searching for an atelier will be difficult. Because they do not have regular income. I tried to debt with an annual interest rate of 1.6% in order to further invest in the cryptographic currency, but also did not go through the judgment. Society is friendly to salaried workers, but it is difficult for people who are freelancers or irregular workers. It was a moment when I strongly felt that it would be better to maintain a strategic and planned safety net.

The people ask the artists for a Hungry spirit. Tezuka Osamu also talks about Hungry. Will affluent artists stop making works? Or will the quality of the work fall? Will they become restless in their daily lives? However, it is mysterious with humans, and as life stabilizes, willingness to create creates. It’s getting wanted to produce things. Some call it a hobby. I call artists who live in hobbies. I get up from 8 o’clock every day, and I can not do art in my life back home at 10 o’clock. Working for ourselves without regular income is equivalent to cutting down our own creation time. It is a necessary talent for artists to successfully balance the life work and rice work. Many acquaintances also abandon production abandon production around themselves. People will say. If you can not make it in the first place, people until then. Where there is a will there is a way. It is a just argument.

However, I want you to talk from the side of the loser as well. It is difficult to get out if you enter a situation that you can not make even if you want to make it. Once you have experienced living just paying rent, you will not be able to escape by looking at things like it. You can return to the country, depend on your family. Basically there is nothing to rely on, so there is no choice but to do your best on your own, things are easy and it is such an extreme situation from the beginning. The more you do your best, the more you add to the depth. It seems that it is told that the resurgence to the art scene also goes away unless it is in Tokyo. In this way people do not make things. Thus, richness from the world decreases only a little.

Bit coin

Whether that would happen, we constantly put up an antenna. I do not know yet whether it played a part. Because nobody knows the future.

I met the bit coin at the end of May of the previous year. When I left college from that time, I was keenly aware of becoming a simple person and I was looking for two of the safety net and something interesting at the same time. Because I stood the antenna, a bit coin came up. I was lucky. The one who received introduction by common acquaintance was the person of the financial planner. At that time, myself who was a Big Mouse is a financial planner, Oh, ○, I do invest a million, not knowing its awesomeness! , And now it is afraid remark. Ignorance is a scary thing to keep on. It was a moment when I flashed the asset management art that was inspired by that person, that was inspired by that light moment and the lucky lol laughter was lucky, using all the assets we had fortunately or unfortunately with blood, sweat and tears .

Yucho Bank is the moment when it is two digits! ! ! Lol

I got an explanation from that person and replaced all the assets at that time with bit coins. I changed all the assets of the range that I can fully receive from Yucho Bank (limited to 500,000 yen per day) to a very suspicious one called 1.5 bit coin! My mother’s face crosses my mind somehow. But, if you decide to do it will try no matter what! Experiences never done always open the door of the new world. Although somehow Kaji ‘s tears got me feeling that the background of the girls who are confused about the world was developed behind me, do not be shy. The world is getting red. I am confused as to whether I’m scared. Well, that’s fine. Let ‘s fade away. Even if it fell, I am with Ango. And, not only did I get a bit coin, I decided to take a step further.


I decided to challenge mining to make it even bigger. It was like a mice lecture and MLM, but I decided to try thinking that it was a gift I forsake, study fee. Bit coin does not mean anything in the first place. Poison to the plate. Anyway let’s do it! Let’s do anything! I tried challenging it. Do not be afraid of anything more than anything. There was also a desire to cultivate eyes that can see the truth out of cobwebs.

The smile of the teacher was the best, so the smile of the bad people did not make me laugh. Is it easy person to be deceived, yourself w

Well, I tried doing that, a bad name club called haha

I found it interesting that I read the following blog. Many facts were in common with those experienced by themselves as a result of accumulation of facts.

WALCOIN: Testimonies testify! Published the operation situation mining at a bit club for 1 year

Cha’s asset management blog: Bit club 150 days mining fee release

At that time, I tried googgu later, I was scolded with bad reputation, but when I actually tried it, the operation is quite honest! What? I thought. Often there are lots of updates being delayed and the server being maintained, but so far, there are no particular problems.

Since this is also the future, I do not know what will happen. There is always a feeling that I am deceived. However, there is always a feeling that it is not deceived. Coal steel is a time when collapse that was said to be “hard” also falls. The dressing accounting coming from gigantic illness, the one – in – a – dark is the dark. It was a year that felt Vivid to say that the old year was stable for a long time, and nothing was done.

Right now I ‘m just enjoying the ambivalent situation. Also, not only bit coins but also teachers are learning more than that, so if you can convert your experience value into money, you have already taken enough of the original. That’s the change in the body. To defend assets, without planning and strategy it is impossible for art to develop large projects in the first place. It is extremely great to learn management skills. Strategy and planning are mandatory as big art. A good work is not born.

Bit coining plan around me

Myself, the bit coin gachi go forward, but the mining people are not promoting so much at present. In the old year, if there was a seat of a drinking party, I began to work like a bit coin by skipping bubbles. I can not eat artists. It is fascinating that art that eats the artist. Just meta art. My department is a department that is required to see meta, so it has good affinity with department. I have been spreading bit coins even if I go to the art festival or on the field. People who have local knowledge without knowing it do not know that local creation that is really meaning is not art, is not it to bring money to the site? What? I also thought. The effect of propagation or those with bit coins will probably be over a little over 10 people. Two people tried to practice with interest until mining. Both of them have not arrived at a million people, but they are getting a profit of 0.01 billion people with Gachi so much better! ! ! I thought. This is an investment! ! I already spent a lot of time in mining, so I envied because there is only a small bit coin at hand, but it is fun watching my friends get moist. I am thankful for the meal of spilled meat.

I myself am leaving a bit, I wish I was worried, I wonder why, just thinking that it will come back and getting back will be fun to do. It is interesting to keep piling up every day. Well, I’m happy to think that I will continue to report on the situation. I am only proceeding to those who are interested.

To profit or not to profit … that is question. The question is when to make a profit.

Although the amount of mining has decreased recently, it is pleasant to feel that a certain bit coin is transferred as a reward every day. Every day about 0.0009 BTC (1800 yen) is digging. However, recent announcement was to raise the amount of digging more in January, but it is a matter of concern that we do not say it well, but a fixed amount of bit coins enters every day without worrying about the turbulence of value It is a pleasure to come. It may take more than 2 to 3 years, but I think it would be a pleasure if a big return than the former could be obtained on the path. I feel like digging gold (BTC) with mining. There is something that you get by itself, leaving your body in advanced technology.

I do not know exactly when the performance results will exceed the amount of bit coins I put at the beginning, but I think that you can dig it little by little as it is. Now the bit coin price is about 2 million yen, but this is 10 million yen, 20 million yen, 100 million yen! And as I said going up and saying that I keep going as smoothly as it is, it will become enormous wealth. I think that it will become more enormous wealth and worried things will increase, so I think that it is sufficient to add as much as daily living expenses. If this company goes bankrupt, it will be until then, well, well, it’s studying, studying! I check the mining fee with drinking coffee every morning.

If you are interested in mining please contact us!

Pocket money enters for myself if you invite people! It seems to be suspicious here but w It seems that it is a corporate strategy that develops advertising expenses in such reviews and others. I thought that affiliate = mouse course lecture so far, but I learned that I understood that the difference is different by definition when studying. Because mining income is the main item, this is different from the mouse lecture which continues inviting down. You can also start without your introduction, so please try it! If you do not understand it will help you certainly leave it to the man who earns small change!

The actual results of operation and detailed explanation will be introduced in the next blog.

The medium of money, it is very funny. First, human beings are exposed. When facing money, a person becomes a teacher of the mind and a substitute from it. The world turns red. Myself in the truth? What is your appearance like? A graduation work exhibition is near. Even at the festival, works will be exhibited towards the general public, but basically the work is passed through ignored in a moment. Media such as paintings, sculptures, poetry, music and architecture are the basic media of art, but people definitely stop playing in the media of money w After a long absence Ihara Saikaku may read it.

If we do not invest as it is now we can not join the Bitcoin Festival, just trying to understand the contents with just the naming of the virtual currency just trying to put in your fingers. I listen to people’s story. Judge after asking. It was a year acquired such an attitude. Anyway, there are always two-digit savings in direct ownership.

Ananda, the change in the body is beautiful.

※ Hungry spirit is also important. Without the Hungry spirit, we would not have used all the property at the time in the first place. I constantly want to keep the Hungry Spirit.

Culture You! Oh, the world is really beautiful

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芸術のための芸術(げいじゅつのためのげいじゅつ、L’Art pour l’art)は、19世紀初頭のフランスで用いられ始めた標語。芸術それ自身の価値は、「真の」芸術である限りにおいて、いかなる教訓的・道徳的・実用的な機能とも切り離されたものであることを表明している。そのような作品は時として「自己目的的」(autotélique <ギリシア語 ‘autoteles’)、すなわち人間存在の「内向性」や「自発性」を取り入れるために拡張された概念であると評される。日本ではこれを主義として捉え芸術至上主義と呼ぶこともある。「芸術のための芸術」(wikipediaより)



















































ちゃ〜の資産運用ブログ:ビットクラブ 150日のマイニング報酬公開















To profit or not to profit…that is question. 問題は、いつ利確するかだ。























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