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Thank you for supporting us this year.

The year was opened and it passed 2 days after I was flapping somehow I had written until halfway lol

There have been various things for the past year as well. I would like to look back on my own year here as my memorandum.

Writing a blog is often a painful thing, but as a daily record, as a means to regain calmness of the mind, it was a year that I wrote indiscreetly. Advertisements such as affiliates and Google adsense had been put in around the year before last, but now I am stopping earning small change and using it as a medium to let people know about my personality. It seems that the milestones of my life, what I usually think, and the space that allows me to know such a life-sized person have gradually been optimized through various twists and turns.

Well, let’s look back over the year of the year! ! !

Overall review

The number of blog entries has fallen a lot. I think that it was a busy year for spare time activities as president of a considerable spare time. It was a year in which the opportunity to tell my own words was sharply reduced. It was a year in which I wrote quite “hard” texts such as public relations bytes in documents and organizations to submit to the administration, manuscript preparations for press releases, preparation of projects at the art festival, and announcements at the National Congress of the Aesthetic Society. For this reason, writing on this website which allows handling as much as I can is fairly enjoyable.

Humans, do not you feel happy to spell themselves in your own words, with yourself being frank? I will not be bound by anyone, I will speak my thoughts without delay. I do not quarrel, just spit out what I thought, naturally spontaneously. There is nothing so happy. It is truly wonderful to have freedom of speech.

Okay, I have written such a long sentence like this for the first time in half a year. The administrative writing and the aesthetic society were rules that should be written only in essence, so it was a year when quite aesthetic ability was questioned.

I derail further. I understand and derailed. It is exactly the sneeze teacher of Soseki ‘s cat.

A strange thing is an aesthetist who appears in Natsume Soseki’s masterpiece “I am a cat”. It is a big senior of the first-class Usuzuki club when you give quibble. There is something to admire, the deterrent power of the stagnant. You can learn how embarrassing the emperor is there. Well, this year’s year was a year when I was asked for the opposite force from the power of the stagnant. In other words, it is aesthetic ability.

Aesthetic ability

Aesthetic ability is the word I coined. In short, it is the ability to describe essentially only the essence. In general, all the clever people have the ability. The stupid story will derail soon. It is because we can not control reason. A wise person, a smart person, because he knows about time is money, or is he wanting to finish the time soon and finding the essential time of his own and returning only the essential point We are seeking to talk.

Although it seems easy at first glance, it was a year that I realized that it was actually extremely difficult. People whose thoughts are not clear like theirs derail soon and they are out of essence. However, this year when I was studying at the scene of the academic society called the Aesthetic Society this year, I was finally aware of the people with high aesthetic ability. Basically, I was always the only people with high aesthetic ability around me, but I could leave it unnoticed for eight years after I entered college because of my ignorance. It was a year that I marveled at the strength of fortunes blessed by my teachers and friends around me that I was able to get to doctor well.

With the god of aesthetic skill

In the world, there is a world that consists only of essence. That was exactly an aesthetic society. Of course, it is also punky inside the aesthetic society. There are people who are equal to themselves, but only have aesthetic ability less than that. I am not an aesthetic ability that can tell people, but the scouters that measure their aesthetic abilities have something of pretty good precision. Even if a person with a high aesthetic ability comes, the scouter will not “bon!”.

Only tell the essence of what you want to convey. Because it is in a limited time, I want to convey the things I want to convey with instant speed to minimum letters and tell firmly. Also listen to the opponent ‘s question and tell the answer of only what was requested from the opponent again with the minimum number of characters. It is a dance similar to that it is the definition of so-called “smart”, “smart”. Actually, I have named this aesthetic ability, but I feel that I do not have to give a name of aesthetics and aesthetics in a sense. However, as for me, I thought that the power to grasp only this essence and condense it to a simple word is the power of aesthetics that I was wearing on my own, so I always keep on reminding myself as a self-regulation for myself I named it for free.

In the world, what kind of power will it be? Generally, what is it, no force to shake? Is it also called w? It is very wise power, the ability to tell only the essential points briefly. Focus on force. Summary power. It may be good to say that. For those of us who are talking like rakugo so long that they do not understand what they are talking about, their power is what I want to get even if I ask Shen Long to do it. However, I think that it is necessary to have a detouring force (Riku) to lengthen the story even if it enters. It is because I think that it is necessary to have a survivability to give an interesting example and so on. The point is that it is only necessary to properly wield the case of a case-by-case, a long sword and a short sword properly. I am quite good at driving force, so I would like to continue to consider training for aesthetic ability in 2018 again this year. Please do not hesitate to think that I’m breaking, please murmure in front of me as if my aesthetic ability, Stray Sheep and Sanshiro muttered.

Well, the introduction has become longer. It’s been a while since I left this long preface. It is my true height. I would like to look back on the year with conscious aesthetics skills! Well, now, it is the beginning of the summary of the year.

■ Blog details

■ January 2017 (11)

In January it began at Echigo’s society, and you can see that he had read many Japanese poems. I uploaded my blog securely, and the update frequency was also a considerably high month. I went home to my hometown Niigata and presented the scenery of Niigata as an instructor. Recently I have stopped doing coloring on instes, but I still have color on these days. Also, since Mr. Brico has found a gourmet coupon in Akihabara neighborhood, I’m reporting gourmet in Akihabara neighborhood. This is one kind of memory that will be driven to a corner of distant memory if you do not blog.

■ February 2017 (4)

There were weddings at Ginza and friends. This is now far away memory. It is inevitable why it remains as a record. I think that it seems to me that his descendants would see such a thing or not, he would think that grandpa and grandpa was such a person. I hope things that can only be conveyed by letters, things that can not be conveyed by letters alone, firm descendants of media literacy. I am also going to Wolfgang steak. First time in my life, it was a dinner at a first-rate steak shop. I wonder if I became an adult for a while. I was still rice with people’s money, so I think that I should bring Brico with my own money. I passed the Agency of Agency for Cultural Affairs, and criticized the role of art in the affected area in Kesennuma (objectively analyzing the good points / bad points with a crook). In the event of the disaster, many art gifts have been sent mainly around areas with large damage, but there is an opinion that it is troubled even if it is pressed to sell arts, but after all, with attention, doing art I would be happy if you do. It was good that I could hear the real intention. To keep having interest, maybe SNS is good! I saw the possibility that it will be played. So if there is one occasional occasion in the contribution of the people who are connected there is an impression that you are kept interested and that person will become a hub and make the area excitement I thought there was nothing.

Meaning to write a haiku = Critique (2/19)


This article adds favorites. This is a text about why you write haiku. What is the meaning of singing songs, not limited to haiku? That is outlined briefly.

■ March 2017 (three)

Continue writing a song. It is a person who keeps quite a lot as himself / herself. Finally, beyond thirty, I held a bar that I had a go. It is the bar that is fashionable, the most reasonably priceless and can be used for the rest of the year. Leisure life gradually becomes busy from this month gradually. The Arts In Cultural Agency was also responsible for designing flyers. As a representative of the Associates, I was given a gong of Mr. Miyata, Agency for Cultural Affairs Agency. Flowers, the scenery of the city, poop, friends, Buriko, when I had a casual everyday discovery, I am writing a song. Suspend the world. Ode.

■ April 2017 (4)

Actually, my grandmother died in February. He was 84 years old at age. At the time of the Ronin era, I had eaten rice together while watching sumo wrestling together. 6 Even though I said that I do not need it for the time being, I made a late afternoon, put down cold rice, made a bad miso soup, made a bad pickle and left it in dishwashed dishes and was always the worst Max’s best shitobaba . I thought that I had to write a magnificent story for some reason writing a blog, I could not hold hands, but I will write with emphasis on aesthetically pure aesthetics skills! I could upload it by writing songs as a base. After all, I am deeply impressed with writing this blog now that I will not function as a memorandum of flowing from one corner of memory, when and where I was and what happened. After all, it is important to write a blog if it is troublesome or short.

My grandmother died (4/22)


It was also a moon spreading out many visitors around the prefectural office and the city hall around Mr. Buriko, Niigata and Kanto. I was the busiest of this month this year. I am not using the word busy, but this month was bad. There was also a moment when I knew my limits and realized that my limits could be further expanded even further. It was good to be survived.

■ May 2017 (5)

I am writing poetry with photographs taken when I went to each prefecture. Okan and my wife came and took me to the East Skelker. However, it is a terrible thing with human beings, I spent a lot of my time as a morning hobby, taking me to the east blossom to keep myself tired of care for myself for the past year, but now this moment However, in the family group line at the end of the year, my younger brother returned home and he took me to Sankei where I wanted to go, but I wish to go someday, I only went to Sankei, I was told by the tension that I was sitting in the tension I felt. I forgot. A little temporary repayment of the younger brother of the future, and still a small future repayment of the future that is not done yet (This is not because the younger brother is not giving back another.) My brother is working hard with his brother. My slight irritated feeling is. Well, if you look at the picture of the cuckoo

■ May 2017 (5)

I am writing poetry with photographs taken when I went to each prefecture. Okan and my wife came and took me to the East Skelker. However, it is a terrible thing with human beings, I spent a lot of my time as a morning hobby, taking me to the east blossom to keep myself tired of care for myself for the past year, but now this moment However, in the family group line at the end of the year, my younger brother returned home and he took me to Sankei where I wanted to go, but I wish to go someday, I only went to Sankei, I was told by the tension that I was sitting in the tension I felt. I forgot. A little temporary repayment of the younger brother of the future, and still a small future repayment of the future that is not done yet (This is not because the younger brother is not giving back another.) My brother is working hard with his brother. My slight irritated feeling is. Well, if you look at the picture of the cabbage, its irritation will disappear, but I came home as soon as I returned home, and I felt involved in the tournament as to who I am doing the best. Then savor delicious sushi, osechi and persimmons as well as mushrooms, peace of mind is good. Perhaps, I thought such a thing as a deep psychology, maybe I did not return home this time. Certainly Okan may be serious in nursing care and I know that I want my family to admit it, but there is a limit. Well, leaving the limit at its limit, I think that I will go back and reduce the maternity care in the same way possible.

At the Golden Week, we exhibited at Nezu / Miya no yu.

I am now 32 years old. I have not done anything. Well, I will take it easy. What I want to be. Thing you want to do. The Noah’s Ark of a gene spinning the meaning that was born as a human being.

At this time I got an introduction of a pretty name shop, such as going to a shop in Azabu’s bonbans and sushi. Of course he was on his own (T_T) 5/25 days after he bought a bit coin, he made an investment in the bit coin, so he reduced the chance of going to a luxurious shop and made the cost to a bit coin.

Meet the encryption currency on 5 / 25th! ! ! impact! ! !

■ June 2017 (2)

The first accomplishment in the history of art department! I exhibited at the university art museum! The department of art is the so-called study department within the arts university. It is a department mainly aimed at discharging curators, researchers, and critics. There is this I, Ichinose Kenta there that there’s a heretic boyfriend! Well! Well, well this time it was good luck. It was nice to be able to show at the museum! And I made it with a crawl, I was aiming for France with a crawl, so I was badly out! ! !

■ July 2017

Echigo’s party, the second time! It is unusual to also do 2 sessions within the year. The place was Ueno, my home base. And the second news this year is that I started taming the cats! I often go in and out and I was asked to take care of the cat from the owner of the shop of the cat who is indebted carefully and I brought it temporarily but I decided to keep it affectionate. At that time, since the hamster ran away and Toshiko Tomoko was depressed, there was a thought that it would be good if a little distracted, so it was decided that all opportunities would be overlapped with good opportunities.

■ August 2017

From the end of July to the beginning of August we went to the International Art Festival of the Venice Biennale, Documenta and Munster Sculpture Festival. I am traveling overseas! This year, all the art festival was a big year to be held in the same year, so I was able to know the front line of contemporary art efficiently. No matter how I was in Japan and looking at feature articles, it was a moment when I realized how much it would be better for people sucking the air of crowded streets over there for a moment. Even six years ago I traveled around Europe classics for a month, but I felt the same feeling as I did. After all, the factory important! Also I was able to exhibit it at Ueno station.

September 2017

I am busy preparing for the art festival! ! ! There is no mind at all with Tanya! I can not afford it, but I will make good works! Therefore, there is no margin. However, it may not be a good work as long as it can not afford. Anyway, immediately decide! Immediate launch! It does not get dirty! I learned this. The bit coin is also good feeling and the price is rising and it feels good! How much wealth will concentrate on Japan as long as the Japanese government turns the money deposit into a compulsory bit coin? And it also drained by price difference, the Edo Shogunate 2.0! I want to do it.

■ October 2017

I have sent to the art festival! It is an art festival held in Tobu City, Nagano Prefecture, called art festival in the sky. I borrowed the government office building and drew a picture of a famous horse at the site. For a month, in cooperation with Mr. Mayuchan and Mr. Kayano Hideaki, I stayed in the East region and looked for the charm of the local, and I wondered how the locals looked at the art festival I was able to hold such a symposium to research and share the opinions of both parties at the actual symposium. Please also wait for a while because I created videos for easy viewing. It is coming soon! Also, fortunately the work has also become permanent, and it is now possible to see the work! I really appreciate it. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the people concerned and to the gods of Tohin-shi and Maki-mura.

Explanation of “Nirvana in the future” work


I also won the prize at the 12th National Giants Plaza Grand Prize Exhibition. The bit coin price at this time was in the 500,000 yen range. Now that the bubble bursts, it seems to be the period until the next dynamics, so it has tripled at this time.

■ November 2017

A project over five years has reached the finale with a large circle! I was able to fruition the edge I got from Shakujii dorm. From filming of the work Hashima r, cleaning, restoration, arrangement, exhibition, preparation of a catalog, etc. We experienced all processes from the beginning to the end of the exhibition that would not be possible unless it became curators. Mr. Shirasaki, Professor Kunishima of the local coordinator and others I would like to thank the people concerned. Thank you very much! In the hasty moderator I became irritated, but I was also convinced that this was encouraging words from Professor Kataoka, and I got the opportunity to think that I will go further by devoting without getting scared. Let’s speak at the friend’s wedding speech, the great success of the symposium at the art festival in the sky! It may have been a tengu. Preliminary preparation, it is the gift of pre-exercise. I had been preparing firmly behind the previous success, so I will continue to improve my research further.

Notice of Kataoka Shinsuke Retrospective


In addition, I showed friendship on the stage of Mr. Liewa who is also a friend and a dancer. Also Miyanoyu was exhibited on the weekend of December.

■ December 2017 (0)

No update of the blog! It seems that I was concerned only about bit coins. It was a bit coin that I started to make time to be free but it seems that it was totally overwhelmed w I want to make the interest of bit coins a year ahead of the year!

Maggotchus I ate at the year-end party!

■ Summary!

It has been quite a fulfilling year, working extensively outside the past year. It became invited to the art festival as well.

On the other hand, I felt that self-expression by sentences was insufficient for the past year. Next year I want to enrich self-expression by sentences.

Continuously, aesthetic power! Shido Rose! Too much alone! Alone already! I want to be a year that will not be!

Next year I will make my own time! Leave a margin, make a sentence based work a year!

Also, since we began asset management (mainly bit coin) as a contemporary art for art, I would like to make it one year to be fulfilled.

■ Conclusion: Goals for next year

Aesthetics skill! Avoid the following projects by!

Shido Rose!

Too much alone!

Alone already!

Moderate relationship with bit coin

Let’s write next year’s resolutions again in the beginning of the next year! Thank you for this year as well.

I look forward to your continued support next year.

Kenta Ichinose




































































































また現代のart for art として資産運用(主にビットコイン)をはじめたので、それも充実させる1年にしたい。

















■2017年度 業績報告


一ノ瀬健太/『Towards a Newer Renaissance』/作品展示/夜の元銭湯を芸術家たちがジャック! 謎解きアートで遊べる「浴場とヒタキバを巡る小さな冒険」根津・宮の湯/2017422日~5/6/美学研究室/国内/博士課程2/

一ノ瀬健太/『あなたの命は私たちのアート』/作品展示/2074、夢の世界(主催: コルベール委員会、東京藝術大学 後援: フランス文化・通信省、文化庁)/東京藝術大学大学美術館 本館 展示室1、2/2017617日~6/25/美学研究室/国内/博士課程2/






一ノ瀬健太/謎の画家 片岡伸介 ~愉快に孤独と戯れた愛の人~/図録・批評文/富士吉田市役所/片岡伸介回顧展/20171123日~12/3/美学研究室/国内/博士課程2/


大江晃世・一ノ瀬健太/東京藝術大学「藝祭」関連資料の調査・公開の手法と実践 ~体系的アーカイブに向けての考察~/雑誌論文/『美術学部論叢』第14号(予定)/平成30年3月(予定)/美学研究室/国内/博士課程2/









一ノ瀬健太 拝


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