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Stare at the bit coin at Ueno station. What is Richness? (‘· _ · `)

The body changed with a bit coin!

Recently, bit coins are hot! Thanks to the bit coin the body has changed in the 21st century media theory!

It was a bit coin that came to possess time to make it free, but I came here and took away my time considerably, but recently I got to know the distance that I feel exactly. I finally got to be able to spend time learning other liberal arts over half a year.

Well, I can calmly think about time I can spend time at the beginning Spot time I want to write a feeling I recently thought.

What I learned through bit coins

1. Capitalism

2. FX

3. Bit Coin Body Theory (= Know Yourself)

4. Bookkeeping

5. Innovation of SF

6. Feeling of festivities

Tetsuyuki Oishi Tetsu Oishi HODL
@ bigstonebtc
The wonderful thing about the cryptographic currency is that people who have never been totally capitalists are making enormous capital by this.
A person of a totally different type will become a capitalist.
People who change the world using this cryptographic currency capital will appear more and more

11: 35 – January 6, 2018
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I thought that Mr. Oishi in the above Twitter said exactly that! Although I was reading Investor Z from the beginning of the series, I was not trying to make any investment that was scary stock, scary investment. In other words, it was not reading seriously. But fortunately, I saw a bit coin for the first time and the world changed completely.

Summer is good. However, it is cold in winter. I wonder if you can make something like a shelter. Just because I am just a dogleg, she thinks shelter will not make even if I go hundred million billions! Kiritsu!

1. Capitalism

Indeed, I was immersed in the feeling when I visited the door of the truth in steel alchemist as to whether the world is turning like this. Together with mathematics and physics, I was touched upon the mechanism of the economy that endures the world.

The rich are more abundant. The poor are increasingly poor. This is the truth of the world, beyond my head, finally made me realized with blood and flesh.

Madam seems to be a little interesting, is it a million yen for play money pitched out to make it even buy bit coins? One thousand yen of one year’s crystals of blood and sweat and tears is equivalent to heartlessness. Tens of thousands of chairs arranged at precise precision at huge event venues! In the coldness of the night during freezing to the bone’s mind, sticks that stuck Pokhiro and waved! It is equivalent.

Working seriously becomes stupid. Therefore I think that I was really glad to be in the art world. As much as madam’s lavishness, a dog with ribs floating on the crackle is good. However, I want to be a dog with an electric toothbrush because gingivitis causes Alzheimer.

And, from there to the upper layer (if you change the language, w wake up (? Or waking up?)), Do not ask for luck, you must be smart and take risks, and constantly, I was conscious of something like the ability to see the next place, what comes next.

From last time I had a subliminal effect of Investor Zet and juniors of Niigata were doing a stock trading, so I was really lucky to be able to step down. There is nothing as painful as hard as the first step. Fortunately, the first step here seems to stop becoming a pantic ranker even at its worst lol

I actually had a bit coin and I got to know a part of the economy. Apart from whether it shows a fake ticket on a doja face often seen in SNS, travel, meat or hotel photos, whether such a cluster is successful, or whether it is doing a vanity business, Whether it is developing daily activities with logic, it became a great learning to know it.

From that point, it may have been a casual big harvest that the topics dealt with in the dark money Ushima-kun, such as Mizushima lecture, MLM, stock, FX etc., became very close together. And the people like Yuzawa wing cluster who came into the virtual currency were felt very close by. It looks like I am looking at myself. I thought so. Bubbles without bad mouth and waxes w

People who tried to make money with a cryptic currency bubble other than bit coin called alto coin can not seek remittance and can see nutrition as it is.

It was an arrowhead event that I thought was going to buy ripple by binary as it was a bold heart to ride on that bubble and turn it into a ripple. I did not get caught up in the bubble thanks to the stingy fee for the bit coin remittance fee. I also have lucky luck. Beginners rack is all. Thankfully. Thankfully.

Coincheck (coin check)

@ coincheckjp
Currently there is a delay in ETH remittance due to network congestion. Although we have received your time, we appreciate your kind understanding.

14: 56 – January 5, 2018
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Winter plants and weakness are marks of dreams

Coincheck (coin check)

@ coincheckjp
Currently there is a delay in ETH remittance due to network congestion. Although we have received your time, we appreciate your kind understanding.

14: 56 – January 5, 2018
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In this neighborhood where professionals are caught, it is limited to convert small and Japanese yen into bit coins. I feel that I am the most efficient and best by myself who is not a professional to pile up healthily in a rugged way. Without seeing big dreams, I aim for free billion by knowing the life-size of life-long life.

Both the stock and FX, the dayle, and the bit coin are moving with the super simple principle. Buy it cheaply and sell it high. It was a very simple thing. Because it is a personal computer, it becomes something suspicious. Without a clear principal, I wonder if people are scared of credit cards and do not use them, they will be culled from people. Without knowing, we obey our rules.

Perhaps I began to think that there may be a vested interest that I am getting by fueling fear. And I wonder if the genes for novel things will be left like this, I am deeply impressed. I respected Darwin again.

Technical analysis, evidence of ultra sophisticated analysis considering fundamental

2. FX

Recently, the most troublesome was FX. That is really scary. 5000 yen melts every second. It is exactly Kaiji’s pachinko, a swamp.

Let’s stop it, I will stop it next time, surely next time! … When I noticed it, I was doing slurping again. Little by little, one by ten thousand yen, If you were doing seriously, the bee won. Small success experiences make humans useless. Especially the success experience with baby clothes is the cause of serious injury.

Although I saw a friend melting a million yen in Rothkat, he was earning Secku (in secret) earnings. It is really secret! I can get to Niseko!

As I learned later, what I was doing was a skew long and it went down to here, so it will rise from here. Shimeme. Oops, I will go down yet, I’ll buy it here. Shimeme. Oh, it’s still going down, get up early. Get up earlier. As I repeated it, it crumbled down.

Flowers grabbed at high prices are rapidly deflating. It goes fast and steadily. The descent does not stop. Tears are also scrambled while we are going down. Something that I saved with sweat and shedding … The funds I came to ascend to take care of my daughter-in-law are melted down by the trout. I can not stop this way … ゚ (Д ‘Д ゚) ゚.

The one that I grasped about 2.35 million yen falls to 1.65 million yen, so the head drop is 700,000 yen. As I bought 0.5 BTC, damages are -360,000 yen. This is the amount you can live for a half year. Thinking that, my head got cranky Kuraki Mai ~ (‘; ω; `) (Reproducing the mind of the day) Even if I wake up every day I wake up around 350,000. My friend was lost cut when I was asleep. I am afraid of midnight thunderbolt. Right now, we have reached 500,000 yen. You should exit when you become Pramai 0. I know by myself, I am sure that I will earn more money by not having sold it as it is. No, next time, it was Musashi who thinks so, firmly going out of this spiraling killing spiral.

I think whether this can also be divided by people who do not understand what he is saying. In the end, my words now are only those I’m doing / I do. It is exactly the same as the aesthetic and art world. Language communication where only people concerned are known. I learned such communication theory very much this time.

I tried to get a little profit, because I was late for it, I lost all my wealth. Now I can laugh that it was also a big study, but this was really just a luck. I think the back muscles when thinking that I had moved 1 million yen of money without knowing the FX super basic term of long and short. I truly lifted himself thanks to the Beginners rack. Thankfully. Thankfully.

Humans are doing the same thing when Ihara Saikaku (* ‘∀ `) ♪

3. Bit Coin Body Theory (= Know Yourself)

There was another harvest from there as well. Yes, bit coin is body theory!

It was a year that I was noticed that I was not able to say that I was wrongly [fearfully fearful] from my usual professions. It seems to be visible to me and it does not seem to be visible.

What is really scary is not FX. What I really fear is my own desire. It is his own sketchy mind.

Gradually, and gradually, furthermore, whether it is conscious or unconscious, the amount of gambling increased and it was to fall into a situation where there was nothing wrong with it. De facto salting, a hostage taken for leverage 15 times multiplied hostage, a bit coin of all property … I did not feel comfortable living every day.

Mummy removal takes mummies. Sieve heart is to stop looking at yourself. The goal will be hazy in the heart. All that was written in Investor Z. Major injuries await investment that lost the goal. It just nourishes and dies.

Bit coins become training to learn to be properly scared.

I was staring that the group calling Fukushima as Fukushima was an idiot, but if I think about it well, I was also afraid of stocks, scared of FX, scared of bit coins, and both myself, It was a missing work of Manjuu scary.

It has become possible to take a moderate distance of bit coins. Research is also parallel at the same time. Or bit coin art is research so some w

4. Bookkeeping

I also learned the usefulness of accounting, bookkeeping, and building construction through bit coins. Even in promoting everyday contemporary art formulation, start with.. I will try to acquire Bookkeeping Grade 3 as an asset management art.

5. Innovation of SF

It is pleasant to watch seeing that SF who was neither Asimov nor Hoshi Hoshi had imagination extended to the cryptographic currency is reworked in reality. It seems that Doraemon and the Ghost in the shell were too blind to the skin too much. It is also interesting to be born again with a new SF. The reality and SF are the feet of stilts, if one goes forward, one will go with them.

The festival is fun!

6. Feeling of festivities

It is pleasant to be able to rejoice with ups and downs of bit coins with unwilling colleagues. The media of money goes beyond songs more easily than languages ​​and ethnic groups. There are people who can not play games when they can not play games. I will never do anything if I am different in ability. However, even though everyone sees a different hobby world, festival media called money is inherently released to all.

It is still fun because we can catch a glimpse of the human nature. If it is Ryuk, it will jump. In the battle of the Russo-Japanese War, episodes that can usually only be rolled up in the actual battle, such as giant gangs, can be seen. As usual, a guy who did not depend on Nobita was able to move at the time of actual war.

I wonder if my mind teacher will surely jump to bit coins.

The imagination that is interested in the event of a distant world may be nourished by having bit coins.

Bit coins create empathy and nurture.

Beauty rescues the world, but bit coins also save the world. by Merlot-Ponty


Culture You! Oh, the world is really beautiful

Oh! That’s a pretty good article! Those who seemed to be shopping at Amazon ♪

To those who want to remodel my brain like mini 4WD




























そして、そこから上位層に向かう(ことばを変えるならば、這い上がるw?(or 成り上がるw?))には、運を頼まず、賢く、リスクをとらなければならない、ということ、そして、たえず、次は何がくるか、という先を観る力のようなものを意識させられた。










冬草や 情弱どもが 夢の跡











































































美は世界を救うが、ビットコインもまた世界を救う。by メルロ=ポンティ







Culture You!あ~、世界ってほんと美(たの)しい




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