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I finally wrote a blog after finishing paragraph. My memorandum and barometer, that is my blog.

The exhibition work of the Tao Genkyo Arts Festival, which is made with local people, can also do quite nice things, and here is also a paragraph.

A great crash of bit coins that occurred at the beginning of this year since the end of last year is also a paragraph. A new parcel is decided and a paragraph. The various paragraphs were paragraphs. It is still good luck somewhere even if you suffer great loss. I feel like I’m alive by just luck. It will be my life, too. Really lucky.

There was no problem with the bit coin itself, but the FX in bit coin denial was awful. In general, I got nearly 1.5 million yen loss. My annual income disappeared momentarily. This is FX, this is kaiji, this is the world of the academy. That delight and despair can only taste the things that took the game by cutting the money.

Immediately after Los Cut I could not wipe the whole body bruise feeling. Wake up in the morning, days to confirm that it was a dream. It was not a dream. It is a dream, but it was not a dream. This feeling, I have felt somewhere. Dejaub. Yes, that feeling of the Ronin era. It is exactly the same as the feeling of 雪 辱 that was tasted for several weeks just after the Ronin decision.

After that, I increased the number of buyers further and bought near 1 BTC … I did not expect even a minute dust that Rosscat was waiting.

There is nothing I can do without doing what I shall do. A short sale short-selling. Oh, I wish I could sell it short at that time ~, but my mistake on FX did not go away from my head even though. This is actually a waste. Truly constructive thing is to forget that mistake and to start a re-departure because failed past time also has not returned.

And it took a long time since nearly a month passed. New, small, comprehensive and consistent. I make a living while knowing enough to be foolish. I realized myself as a life-size protagonist. Humility. Segmental correspondence. That is the right way for human beings to live.

Eat yakiniku and resurrect!

Recently, I can not make a work unless my mind settles. It is fatal as a transcendental person.

Goblins are shining brilliantly in the activities of the actors. It is a slave to others if you are so busy with work that gains everyday gluing. If you love the job on its own initiative and you like that job, that job becomes nature and leisure time.

It was a blank time when I did not want to do anything. I do not know what I want to do, too much. Writing a sentence is halfway, drawing manga is halfway, English is halfway and everything to do is incomplete. All halfway, it is myself. It may be my essence.

However, after all it is inconvenient halfway. Even curious curiosity does not make it to anyone who really knows the field. You can not say “to know” at the level of just reading a new book. Extensive reading and random reading also decreased sharply recently. That was why he was staring at the chart. The writing speed also fell. The picture grew a little bit. As there was an art festival, practicing was a success. English also subtly reduced skills. The bit coin itself is wonderful, but it may be difficult to maintain the hungry spirit as we become rich.

Perhaps God might have banished the bit coin to awaken my hungry spirit. When I think so, it is very pleasant to the mental health. That’s it. Let’s think like that.

Looking at the streets, Youtuber is blossoming with bloggers. Every one of them is interesting. Every one of them tells exactly what he wants to convey. Aesthetics skills are all high. I catch things with my opponent’s eyes. So it may arrive. It’s always better to be alone, sumo wrestling alone, shitararo.

For the moment, you calm down.

What is there on the calm side? It is not certain. However, it seems that it can only be found by making something. Later this morning, I saw Steve Jobs’ last speech. I caught my heart.

What will I do if I live thinking that I will die tomorrow? I live with my daughter. It already has come true. I am doing it everyday. Find the things you want to do lower than that. Not particularly. Strongly speaking, singing songs while traveling the world. Snufkin.

That day, I would like to do what I had thought of as he wears as he wants. So there is no clear target. Did Socrates have a goal? Did Plato have a goal? Apart from living better. Many of the living human beings have too much to live their meaning of living to others. I aim to live better. It was a recent event noticed that it is my art.

I doubt everything, believe, and in the dialogue with self lying next to it, I can see things I want to do.





















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