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Walking a walk (2) Nezu shrine

Today I got up early and went to Nezu shrine.

“Nezu shrine is a fossil company that is told that Japan Taketoshi wrestled in the land of Sengi tree in the past 1,000 years ago, Ota Oihi bore the shrine for years of civilization.
Tokugawa Shogichi Five generations of the Edo Period proceeded from the former company of Sendagi to the current shrine when the succession was decided.
To the Meiji Restoration, the imperial court was sent to Emperor Meiji Toho, and the prayer of the national security was secured, such as an ancient godly name company. In case

From Nezu Shrine official website

I am planning to visit at 8 o’clock in the morning, I do not remember the spring-sleep akatsuki in the futon, and when I notice the smart hand with holding them, it’s departing at 9:30 at the age of 9.

I thought about getting up early and going to avoid “bunkyo azalea festival” being held inside the precincts of Nezu shrine so it would not be crowded with people. However, it is already late. People prepared for the crowd and went to the shrine to prepare, but unexpectedly people are sparse. It was a feeling that we are coming to triplets.

The store scheduled to open according to the festival is still not in operation, it feels like I got a shoulder watermark.

Discover today, here! It is the folk cloth of Tokugawa family. After finishing visiting, this mound is located on the right side of the main hall facing the main entrance and climbing the stairs that stretches quietly to the right space, which is captivated by the vividly connected torii and pond.

Plaque (Eena) is the placenta, which was filled as a custom in the Edo period in a specific place. It is speculated that there was a meaning like an invitation for children born to grow safely. Immediately after birth you can eat the clean placenta, some say that it seems like a lean, sashimi with no smell. It was delicious with sashimi soy sauce and it was that the couple ate it.

What I became more concerned about is the father of the six generations of generals and family, and is also the junior who is also the older brother of Shogun Tsunayoshi in 5 generations. I wondered why Tsunayoshi, my brother, became a general before the elder brother. Since the Edo period is a strict Confucianism system, even if you mention it from the perspective of the early childhood, the tight jacket should be a general.

When I returned home and looked it up, the mystery was also thawed. I also found an interesting fact as a prerequisite. There were three children in the 3rd General Shogun / Iemitsu: the eldest son (eldest son), the heavyweight (second son), Tsunayoshi (the third son). There is a high possibility that unless a child was born in the family brother (eldest son), the second son had become general. However, it was not so. There was a reason for that. In other words, it was the father of the 6th generic army · housekeeper, the older brother of the 5th generation Shogun Tsunayoshi died while leaving the child when the family brother (eldest son) was a general. Also, due to political science in my house, Tsunayoshi, the third son of Iemitsu, came to the position of the general as there were young families.

The second interesting thing that I found was that my brother and three son Tsunayoshi was adopted as a family brother inheritance for the family brothers (eldest son) because he was not able to have children. I feel that something strange that my brother is registered as a child on family register. Was it a sense that it was quite common during the Edo period? It is worrisome.

The azalea festival has only just begun, but already already pretty beautifully in bloom. It is amazing.

Today was also a very, very happy day.

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