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I had lunch with a lunch passport.

On the Thanks bookshelf his eyes flashed. I am more energetic than sexiness, I do not feel old yet. Recently I got tired from work at noon, I got home, Buntaku ‘s Bunsho, who always slept and the day was over, so the New Year’ s total is in New Year ‘s Day! I got a passport to drive himself to live a regular and regular life to eat lunch! That name …!

Lunch passport Kanda · Akihabara

If you go to an affiliated store with this lunch passport (990 yen including tax), you can eat lunch with one coin of 500 yen. About 950 to 750 yen for lunch will be 500 yen, so if you go 4 or 5 times, you can get original just by that.

Well, so I used the first one soon so I will report on that review.

The first place here is ‘drunk wings’, 8th floor of Yodobashi AKIBA.

You can order “chicken soba (with small dish / osaka)”. From 11: 00-16: 00 is a lunch time zone, only 20 food per day, so it is safe to go as soon as possible.

This year is a roots year, so I started with this chicken at this shop. The commentary on lunch passport is stated as follows.

Continue to appreciate popular taverns “Chicken Wings featuring chicken dishes” with great popularity! Drunk chicken “chicken soba” is a gem that plays juicy steam chicken, refreshed taste soup, home-made thin noodles with a splendid taste of harmony. The steam chicken cooked bass with special temperature control is moderately soft, delicious juicy finish. Because it is healthy without extra fat, it is also recommended for women. Because it is limited to 20 meals a day, visit is ahead of time. (Lunch passport, p. 83.)

I ordered immediately! Highball was 199 yen for the menu, so it was my duty to have dinner as lunchtime party chairman, so I ordered to do the work without hesitation.

Come out as it is published on lunch passport. The color is also intact!

Buriko is also excited about this! I can hear his nose like this! Let us eat Tonight, real meal!

In a blink of an instant! is!

When ordering and checking out, it is a series of steps to show lunch passport and get a stamp at the end. Three discounts can be used for one shop.

I like such small neta and satire are working


Since the shop was in the Yodobashi camera, I came to the camera corner on my way home.

Last autumn, there was a photograph of the shrine of the event “Utano Festival” at Ueno Park, which became a topic. A clerk at a Yodobashi camera, I was coming w

Since there was a test shooting corner at the figure and food shooting corner, I tried shooting a figure.

Next time, please expect where you will appear. I will upload it again when I go. See you soon! ♪

Culture You! Oh, the world is really beautiful

Ken chan dumpling

Oh! That’s a pretty good article! Those who seemed to be shopping at Amazon ♪

To those who want to remodel my brain like mini 4WD



































Culture You!あ~、世界ってほんと美(たの)しい






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